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For those friends who are wondering, I've moved my blog to:

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You should be.

New color theme for this journal, in support of those who wish their voices heard.

Facebook might be robbing some of my blog time. Then again, when I get on a bent politically, like I am over the murder of George Tiller, sometimes I wonder if I'm just talking to air sounding my thoughts on the matter. Then I wonder if I care. Obviously I do, but hopefully the point gets across.

On the plus side of truly local politics (well, as close as I get), I was elected chairman of the Board of Adjustment for the Town of Stanley. Strange name, I know, but we handle appeals claims when zoning ordinances are enforced. It was a bittersweet election, though, as I found out the same day the town manager/planner had resigned his position and as a result our work on a strategic plan for the town of Stanley was put on hold. I hope they fill the position with someone who cared as much about doing things right for this town as Bob did. Unfortunately, in a sleepy little town like Stanley, change can sometimes be considered a four letter word.

Otherwise, life is pretty good these days.

Yes, there needs to be an investigation...

but please include in the "persons of interest" everyone who abdicated their constitutional duty while this country descended into the abyss that Nietzsche described was possible when we fight monsters.

If you were briefed in 2002 on the use of torture (stop fucking calling it enhanced interrogation, Orwell would be proud) and said nothing, you are no less culpable in the crimes against humanity that were committed than the people who were simply "following orders". I don't care what political letter sits next to your name.

9/11 was a tragedy. But the greater tragedy was the number of human beings (including American soldiers and civilians) who were tortured or killed because America lost its soul and decided to become not much better than the monsters we were fighting.

When did we forget that there are 6.7 billion other human beings on this planet? The talking heads of this country speak of spreading liberty to the world, a noble idea indeed. Is such a concept even possible when we are willing to water board someone 83 times?

If the Democratic Party is earnest about wanting to help America regain its moral compass, it should start with Nancy Pelosi not only stepping down as Speaker, but with a new person representing her congressional district. Democrats need to pluck the log from their own eye before speaking of the splinters in others.


On Friendship...

Hat tip: Andrew Sullivan's blog.

A study:

Last year, researchers studied 34 students at the University of Virginia, taking them to the base of a steep hill and fitting them with a weighted backpack. They were then asked to estimate the steepness of the hill. Some participants stood next to friends during the exercise, while others were alone. The students who stood with friends gave lower estimates of the steepness of the hill. And the longer the friends had known each other, the less steep the hill appeared.


Why Hillary Clinton is Sec State...

There is little doubt she is the consumate statesman, in any environment. She absolutely pwns Mike Pence in this video (note: ignore the byline in the video, its the content that matters):

The "concern" over Obama shaking hands with Hugo Chavez is a friggin joke. If our politicians, of any ideological persuasion, were better students of history, they wouldn't look so silly on a public stage.

Gmail out of Beta?

Not exactly an earth shattering event, but I noticed they removed the "beta" label from Google Mail. Anyone else notice this or am I just slow and its been there awhile?

Which Geek(s) Are You?


My Weekend

fiesta831 summarized it pretty darn well:
Dog Walking
Trailer Safety Class
Meeting a friend's new puppy
Temps in the 70's
Scent Tracking
Dog Park
Horse Back Riding

Only things I would add is a nice little sunburn from the trailer safety class made my noggin a nice shiny shade of red, Radar absolutely rocked in meeting the new puppy and our friend's children, and I got my 50th geocache this weekend. It was an all-around great weekend.


The search is over...

thank goodness! I received (and accepted) an offer with a big pharma company located in Charlotte. Not sure what the start date is yet, but my job search is officially over. :)

Best of all, it was a job I actually wanted vs. having to settle for in this economy. I consider myself very fortunate in that respect.

Its a great day.


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